MR diagnostic of subcoracoideal impingement

B. Pauček(1), R. Holibka(2)
1 Oddělení magnetické rezonance Medihope VN Olomouc
2 Ortopedická klinika LF UP a FN Olomouc

The article gives an overview of the pain syndrome of the ventral compartment shoulder joint and a detailed description of the etiopathogenesis of subcoracoid impingement. One of the factors causing subcoracoid impingement is the reduction of the subcoracoid space when the distance is smaller than 11 mm. Other morphological manifestations of subcoracoid impingement include the subsequent tendinopathy of the m. subscapularis tendon, abnormal filling of the subcoracoid bursa, and primary morphological differences in the configuration of the coracoid tip and tuberculum minus humeri. The authors describe the technique of examination of the shoulder joint by means of indirect MR arthrography, which they consider an optimal imaging method for the examination of the shoulder joint.

Key words: impingement, magnetic resonance imaging, musculus subscapularis, indirect arthrography, subcoracoid space

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