BI-RADS system, pilot study and results

J. Slobodníková(1,2), Z. Krajčovičová(1), V. Meluš(1)
1 Fakulta zdravotníctva, Trenčianska univerzita Alexandra Dubčeka v Trenčíne
2 Radiologická klinika s.r.o., Trenčín

BI-RADS system is globally accepted and recognized standardized system for evaluating findings in the diagnosis of breast disease. It is assumed in the classification and communication between radiological and other work within a multidisciplinary team. We found however a discrepancy between the Slovak Republic and other countries in Europe and the world in the use of BI-RADS category of the 6th. Therefore we would like to point out this work in each category, and finally, we have focused on outcomes for practice and especially the new look and approach to the use of BI-RADS category 6 using BI-RADS pilot test.

Key words: Breast cancer, mamography, sonography, biopsy, BI-RADS, screening, pilot study

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